PEOPLE TO KNOW - Aubrey Coleman

Meet Aubrey Coleman. She is with Financial Planning Counsulting Group 360 located at 7499 Westgate Dr, Unit 101, Windsor, CO 80528. Her favorite part of her job is being able to give people "peace of mind" and a "plan forward" when thinking about their financial needs. She is the proud mother of two boys ages 8 and 4. Her family currently lives in Fort Collins. She is originally from Iowa and graduated from Iowa State. Go Cyclones!  She moved to Colorado in 2001 and wanted to live and work in Breckenridge on the ski slopes. While that was fun, she decided to get down to business and worked as a bank teller where she developed a love for finances. While making good investments is a key part of a financial plan, she also likes to educate her clients with budgeting, reviewing insurance needs and any other topics that can help a family save money. When she is not working, she enjoys singing with the Choice City Singers, an acapella group in Fort Collins. We will have to check them out when the Covid restrictions are lifted. I had a great conversation with Aubrey and I think you would too. Check her out!!


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